Sage Movie Wall v.4 for SageTV Released


Great looking movie plugin for SageTV has now been released. As always with plugins for this app there are some installation instructions you need to follow, but once up and running this is a beautiful movie application.   MediaSmartServer Well, a few months ago SageTV forum member PluckyHD created a new UI for SageTV called Sage Movie Wall (SMW) which […]

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ASUS Xonar HDAV1.3 Slim Audio Card Review


People have been knocking the ASUS Xonar HD line of cards–the first in the industry to allow you to bitstream your content–since they came out with the Xonar HDAV earlier this year. That being said they are still the only players in the bitstreaming game and have now added to their arsenal with a PCI-based low-profile card strictly for you […]

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HTPC System Guide: High End

It’s been quite a while since we released a system guide with our recommendations and price analysis on building your very own Home Theater PC, so we figured now is as good a time as any. We’ll start with the high end and next week will release the low end system. While some websites or magazines go pretty absorbant with […]

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A DIYer’s Geek Theater – Seriously serious


Normally when you hear about a DIY Geek Home theater you’re thinking what, a couple grand, maybe a projector with some automation tied in, maybe a comfy seat or sofa. This guy is not your normal geek. This project took him SEVEN (7!!) years and $90,000!!! Considering everything done though, had he had it professionally installed he probably would have […]

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Next Generation NMT Popcornhour C-200 Unveiled

Probably the most videos I have ever seen for an unboxing of a unit, especially from a forum post. Here’s the original unboxing, but visit the actual NetworkedMediaTank forums for the full details and all 100 of youtube videos (or so it seems). Still trying to get one of these Popcorn Hour units in-house to do our own comparison, so […]

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Niveus Zone Pro One-Ups The Zone


Ian Dixon had previously done a video review of the original Niveus Zone, now Gizmodo takes on the ZONE Pro unit.   Gizmodo Here are the specs: 1080p, Blu-ray drive, HDMI 1.3, eSATA, Core 2 Duo, Gigabit Ethernet and a $2000 price tag. It lands in a strange spot between performance and "HTPC-ability", as in the ability to sit nicely […]

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Portwell’s Tiny PC battles to be your next Client


I wasn’t sure whether to put this under OEM PC’s or Extenders just given the ridiculous size of this unit. Looking at the specs I’m withholding judgment until I see someone throw some actual HD content at this, but they claim it’s going to be able to handle it.   Gizmodo Measuring just 4x4x1 inches, the fanless, XP-based system operates […]

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