A DIYer’s Geek Theater – Seriously serious


Normally when you hear about a DIY Geek Home theater you’re thinking what, a couple grand, maybe a projector with some automation tied in, maybe a comfy seat or sofa. This guy is not your normal geek. This project took him SEVEN (7!!) years and $90,000!!! Considering everything done though, had he had it professionally installed he probably would have spent what, $250,000? Pretty ridiculous but super nice IMO, big kudos to his dedication (and wallet).


HomeTheaterDesign Mag

Other than those acknowledgments, the Geek Theater was my baby, costing around $90,000 once it was all said and done. I designed the room, specified and installed all of the equipment and furnishings. I also did all the interior work myself except for laying down the carpet. In the design of the theater, my first objective was to make the room as audio perfect as possible and secondly, make it a “rock and roll” movie theater room.