Thursday Podcast Roundup

Another week and another great selection of podcasts to help you pass the time. Everything from HD content to Media Centers. I’m very interested to hear Ian’s interview with S1Digital given their recent announcement yesterday and what exactly it all means.



This week Paul Heitlinger from S1Digital talks about their new range of products including a Windows Home Server based Digital Entertainment Platform that streams CableCARD content around the home. Paul also talks about their new Bluray changer for Media Center and other products

The Digital Media Zone

A look at the new Animal Planet show Monsters Inside Me (1080i) heads up the past week’s HD highlights, and looking forward, the History Channel premieres a new show called Marked(1080i) that looks at the history of tattoos. After a HD Sportsman highlighted by the Little League World Series final Sunday at 3 p.m. on ABC (720p) (note I mistakenly said it was ESPN on the show), Phil and Adam finally have some exciting Blu-ray releases to look forward to as they look at the Sept. 1 slate.



Another week gone by and we’re that much closer to CEDIA 2009, but the big news this week is the PS3 Slim and its tweaked HDMI capabilities. Up next is more Media Center rumors and speculation plus the future of Pioneer in the post-KURO era. Finally we wrap up with some interesting weekly poll results and Ask EHD responses, plus plenty of football discussion with Jerry Jones’ massive HDTV problems plus the college and NFL regular season just around the corner.