Warner, Paramount, Sony, Lionsgate movies will be available to be copied on DVD, Blu-ray, others

Before you get excited about this, understand that there is a catch–the movies will only play on certified DiVx players or devices. That’s actually not that bad a requirement given that a lot of players and extender devices these days supports the DiVx codec, but still I’m waiting for the day when the studios allow you to do it the universal right way…you know, the same way you can do it with the $60 AnyDVD for any movie.

Video Business

Divx has its own built-in copy protection so films can only be played back on certified Divx devices that a consumer registers for their downloads. Film Fresh will allow consumers to make an unlimited number of copies of movies in the Divx format for playback on registered devices. Divx-format downloads can be burned to DVD or Blu-ray disc or transferred to USB drives from any Mac or PC with Divx software for playback in any Divx-certified device. The company estimates that 200 million Divx devices are already in consumer homes worldwide and most have a Divx logo.