Verizon Launches Trial of FiOS TV Online, Extending Multi-Screen Leadership

Verizon continues onward with their feature-loaded FiOS television package, and shortly after announcing the features has already begun the trial of said services. Quite a lot mentioned in their press release, will be interesting to see this in action–if only I could get it!


In addition, V CAST Video from Verizon Wireless brings more than 100 full-length TV series from leading broadcast and cable providers to wireless phones. These top-rated and most-watched programs rotate with the television season, with episodes available on V CAST within hours of their first airing on television. In the second quarter of 2009, there were nearly 40 million downloads and streams of V CAST video and music. The Verizon multi-screen experience also includes bringing online content to TV sets. FiOS TV customers have the unique ability to use their TV screens to interact with friends and followers on top social media sites Facebook and Twitter. Plus, FiOS TV DVR subscribers can search and enjoy online videos from, Dailymotion and Veoh on their home-entertainment systems.