Super Bowl brings super-low pricing for HDTVs, says iSuppli

Good news for people looking to purchase an HDTV. With the Super Bowl coming up in short order, you can expect prices to continue to fall. The problem here will be deciding which TV tech will best suit your needs for the big game. However, give yourself plenty of time to get the HD upgrade required from your Cable company or Sat company.

From the article:

The Super Bowl long has served as a sales driver for TVs. Until recently, most Super-Bowl-inspired sales were of the traditional TV set of choice for the football fan: the rear-projection CRT, which provided the largest display available for group viewing of sporting events. However, today's football fans have a wide choice of sets and display technologies, including direct-view models like LCD and PDP (plasma display panel), and rear-projection varieties like DLP (digital light processing), LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) and 3LCD.