Impressions of Pioneer’s “SED Killing” Plasma

I hadn't hurt much about Pioneer's latest Plasma display efforts but I was finally able to track down a bit of coverage for you guys. Pioneer, known for its expensive yet high quality displays, is set to release a technology that will compete with the delayed SED technology later this year. According IGN, the new display certainly earns its keep when compared to its current generation.

Real world and demo testing are ALWAYS two completely different things!


From the article:

The demo session took place in a closed room wherein Pioneer's currently available 60-inch Plasma display was compared to their newest tech, which, we were told, is an entirely new engineering effort rather than any image-processing upgrade to existing technology. In comparison to what is generally though of as best-of-breed image quality, Pioneer's new plasma display was astounding. The demo began with both screens in idle-black. That is, the new plasma display looked black; Pioneer's current plasma looked shockingly gray and over-lit. Over the course of a variety of sources including an in-house demo reel and clips of Haunted Mansion, the new Pioneer model put the previous version to absolute shame.