Sunfire Theater Grand Receiver 3


If you are looking for raw power, the Sunfire Theater Grand has plenty and then room for a bit more. However, for the price tag, it is lacking many of the features you would find in even min-range models. Technology trickle down over the last year has produced some amazing features for reasonable prices. Things like iPod connectivity, sat radio support, switching/scaling and a host of other features are pretty much expected.

From the article:

It's true that $5,000 is a lot of coin for an A/V receiver, and next to models half its cost, the Sunfire Theater Grand Receiver 3 looks Spartan. But this receiver is all about audio performance — quantity as well as quality. If you don't demand extensive surround modes, or more than three fully equipped A/V inputs (all most of us will ever need), this Sunfire receiver is a world-beater.