Digital Bits: My Two Cents

I am not sure how they were able to do it, but Digital Bits has a nice post wrapping up CES. I, of course, was referring to their writing style that can only be labelled as ranting yet informative. A good combination that makes for a good read. Just as important, the article also talks about which format the Porn industry is going to take.

From the article:

DVD is a fantastic format and we love it, but the truth is it's no longer the cutting edge of home video technology. That mantle is now passing to the high-definition formats. HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc have the potential to take everything we love about DVD and make it even better. High-definition is important and you SHOULD pay attention to it, even if you have no plans to buy a high-def player yet. Why? High-definition IS the future. Period. Whether on disc or via downloading, high-def is the next big thing. Plus, it impacts standard DVD in many important ways. When a major film gets a high-def restoration, it's a good bet that a new DVD version will be released as well. Technology improvements that are made for high-def could trickle down to regular DVD too. And over the next couple years, as prices drop (and they will, as anyone who purchased a 1st generation DVD player for $1000 back in 1997 knows), you might start thinking about upgrading to high-def. The Bits will be there to help you understand it all. And as always, we'll share our enthusiasm for great films with you… whatever format they're released on.