Studios Win Round in Kaleidescape Case


Wow, this is not the week to be a DVD Copying company. First Real Networks got shot down for their RealDVD software, and now Kaleidescape had their court decision overturned. For those unfamiliar, Kaleidescape produces some super high end media servers with a custom built platform exclusively designed for digitally stored DVD movies and music collections. They made headlines a few years ago when they won a court case allowing them to continue their business of loading movies onto their customers systems. It’s unclear how this ruling will affect them in the short run, but it’s something to consider if you’re installing a $100k setup right now (which if you are, can I come over to your house?).


Home Media Mag

A Northern California appeals court Aug. 12 overturned a 2007 lower court ruling that home theater company Kaleidescape was in compliance with the DVD Copy Control Association’s license to the Content Scramble System (CSS). “We conclude that the mutual intent of the parties at the time the license agreement was signed was that DVD CCA would grant Kaleidescape permission to use CSS in exchange for the payment of an administrative fee and Kaleidescape’s promise to build its system according to specifications that DVD CCA would later provide,” wrote the court. “This promise is express and complete on the face of the license agreement.” Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Kaleidescape reportedly is considering appealing the decision to the state supreme court.