Silverstone SG06 ITX Form Factor Case


Mini-ITX motherboards are all the rage these days. With their small size and the improvement of on-board capabilities, it has made these types of boards all the more attractive to HTPC builders. Silverstone’s offering for this series is nicer than some of the other options out there, using black aluminum finish on the chassis and utilize a slim-laptop optical drive to make the unit even smaller.



The SG06 is a great alternative to a pre-build ITX rig. With the SG06 you have the beginnings of having a new build that you can totally customize from the ground up. You are not stuck with whatever components that someone else wants you to have. With the growing amounts of ITX motherboards you have the choice of AMD or Intel or even Via. You even have your choice of motherboard manufacturers like Jetway, Intel and Zotac. Silverstone had a large amount of the SFF market with cases like the SG03 and other cases and I am sure that will own a major amount of the ITX market as well.