Roku Video player now streaming live HD baseball games from MLB.TV


Roku just continues to add features to the box. We just saw the news of them receiving a couple more million dollars in investments, and now this announcement. It looks like they’re gaining some ground rather quickly, but I’m with Engadget on this one, if they could do a similar deal for NFL I would buy one in a heartbeat!



We’ve always loved the Roku Video Player, and it’s getting even more flexible over time — in addition to Netflix and Amazon video rentals, the $99 box can now play, pause, and rewind live HD baseball games in 720p from MLB.TV, as well as play archived games from the previous week on demand. You’ll have to pay the one-time MLB.TV subscription fee of $35, but that’s not terrible, especially if you’re an out-of-market fan looking to catch your favorite team without having to trek out to a bar. Now if only the NFL would let anyone but DirecTV carry Sunday Ticket, we’d be all set.