PlayStation 3 gets game-plus-film ‘hybrid’ discs, first one comes on two discs

I’m not sure the great incentive of this "bundle" if there’s no discount involved, but bundling definitely makes sense considering fans of a movie seem fit to be interested in more from it. If you make the incentive interesting enough, maybe that would even convert a non-gamer into a gamer. Lots of promotion ideas PS3 has the advantage of with their included Blu-ray drive.


The two heavyweight sluggers have today announced the very first "hybrid" Blu-ray retail package: the Director’s Cut of Watchmen is being sold together with the PS3 version of Watchmen: The End is Nigh Parts 1 and 2 for $49.99. Though this collectible package comes on two discs, the ultimate idea is to have both the game and film on the same disc.