LG Electronics Introduces First-Ever THX Display Certified LED LCD HDTV

 Raise your hand if you remember "THX-Certification" being in reference to sound. Ok, good to know I’m not alone…but kudos to the gang for using the widespread familiarity with the brand on something completely NON-AUDIO related. I’ll reserve judgement until I see one of these displays in action.

PRNewsWire via Engadget

"Creating a new era in LCD technology the THX-Certified LH90 blends style, sophistication and visual performance, sending a clear message to consumers about LG’s commitment to picture quality and innovation," said Peter Reiner, senior vice president, marketing and strategy, LG Electronics USA, Inc. "LG’s advanced LED Backlight technology precisely controls the brightness of specific areas of the screen, providing crisper, clearer pictures while using less energy than traditional LCD models."