Where Is the Daily Button?

Sorry for the lack of The Daily Button today. I got tied up with some other site related stuff tonight. We were hard at work testing out some new navigaional stuff for the site and I plum forgot. In the mean time, go ahead and read our recent guides.

Dan's Dremel Guide:

Mike's Vista Commercial Skip

I am sure a few of you have noticed Matt's OPPO review as well. This is a first glimpse of where we would like our site to branch out to. Not only will we continue to carry our excellent media center articles, but we will also be taking on all things digital home. This means providing our usual news, guides, and opinions on home theater and home automation as well. Growing these parts of the site will take a bit longer. Our Media Center expertise carried over to our new site, however, convincing companies we are capable of other reviews will take some time. A big thanks to OPPO for starting us out on this trail. If you need a DVD player for your HT setup, I highly recommend giving OPPO a shot.

With that, I encourage you to stick around and grow with us. We are looking forward to a lot of fun in the New Year and we hope you are along for the ride. As always, if you have suggestions on how to improve the site, feel free to leave your feedback.

Thank you for your readership and thank you to the MissingRemote.com staff for their hard work and creating a kick ass site in less then three months.

-Alan Cooke