Plasma screen burn in on PVR Menus – Should you worry?

As technology moves on, it is often hard to change the mindset of the masses. A prime example of this is plasma burn in. In the past this was an issue, but recent generations of plasma TVs do not suffer these same problems. PVR Wire picked up on some handy tips to prevent burn of your new plasma even though its not likely to happen. Would I encourage you leave a PVR application on all day without changing the channel? No, but regular use should cause you no problems down the road.

From the article:

This is not something that should be keeping you up at night, but if you have bought a new plasma screen it is a sensible idea to "burn in" the screen during the first 100 hours of use to minimize the chances of any images burning onto the screen.

Modern plasma screens are much more resistant to burn in than older models. Burn in is usually only a problem when a bright static image is shown for several hours such as a bright static TV station logo that is on the screen for hours.

Static TV logos asbolutley SUCK!