Panasonic TH-50PX600U High-definition Plasma TV

Panasonic has made a few comments indicating they are throwing their corporate weight behind plasma.  As the article starts out, its not hard to see this in action with the amount of Panasonic ads and other marketing efforts. They talk the talk but do the walk the walk? Well Ultimate A/V certainly thinks they are not up to the quality they are used to seeing from Panasonic. It comes with pretty much everything you need including dual HDMI/HDCP inputs, Cable/Card and a host of other inputs. However it did suffer from some performance issues.

From the article:

Over time I watched a lot of standard-definition TV upconverted by the set to the TV's native resolution, 1366 x 768. By no means did the network TV look like high-definition. But it was pleasantly watchable, though "jaggies" were frequently apparent. Without adequate upconversion, conventional TV on a screen this large can look soft, mushy – unpleasant. I have seen that on other displays, but not this one. I watched a number of DVDs, including 16 Blocks, X-Men United and Mission: Impossible 3. It is generally true that when the problems turned up on test discs are relatively minor, they are not readily visible when watching movies. Other than the jaggies, that was generally the case with the Panasonic. On M:I 3, faces of the actors were radiant but did not glow. Fast moving objects screamed across the screen but left no trails. Most often program material did not throw up scenes that accented the set's weakness in displaying black.