Comcast Loses Appeal

The FCC has rejected Comcast's appeal for removing embedded security from cable STB. The goal here is to open up the set top box market to more companies. This should give conusmers a larger choice of options and simply allow the cable company to supply the CableCard. The major cable companies won't have a problem (but will very likley use this an excuse to raise rates), however their is some concern the smaller companies could go out of business because of this order.

From the article:

Polka continued, "We also respectfully disagree with the FCC's conclusion that continued deployment of low-cost set-top boxes, like the [Motorola] DCT-700, is not critical to expanding the deployment of digital and VOD services. Hence, without the waivers requested by ACA members and other cable companies, millions of consumers will be prevented from receiving advanced digital services or be forced to pay significantly higher rates to receive the same services they receive today."

He concluded, "The set-top ban and deadline cause unique problems by forcing the ACA's smaller operators to use their scarce resources to comply, making it even more difficult to move forward in the digital transition. The ACA is dedicated to working with Congress and the FCC to ensure that policymakers understand these grave concerns and will address them for the benefit of all consumers."