DirectTV Not Looking So Hot

DirectTV can't really win these days. They are facing a multitude of problems that range from poor customer service to faulty equipment. A lot of issues probably don't affect the majority of people. However, once you get a rep for stinking it up like this, there is a good chance your subscriber base is going to shrink.

From the article:

Inferior HD Quality – "HD Lite"

While DirecTV promises to increase its lineup of channels it is still receiving plenty of complaints about an inferior HD service which has been nicknamed HD Lite.

Ben Drawbaugh of our sister site EngadgetHD questioned Rômulo Pontual, the Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of DirecTV, about the whole HD Lite issue (nice work Ben).

To sum up Rômulo Pontual denied that the DirecTV HD service was reduced and that when you compare screens side by side and look at the quality DirecTV HD is the same and denied that the lower bitrate and lower resolution of DirecTV HD was an issue.