Will CES Solve the HDTV DVD Format War?

I find the grand standing at CES similar to watching the SCI-FI channel. Sure, these things will eventually make it to market. In fact, I am pretty sure someone will be pimping a cloaking device. As you can guess, my answer to the question is no. The battle will be won on price, customer support, product quality. Like everything else in this world.

The article goes on to mention that HD DVD appears to be coming out ahead due to price and solid customer support from Toshiba and MS. Where will me dollar go? To the movie theater :).

From the article:

A year ago at CES, it appeared that Blu-ray was a
shoo-in. The Blu-ray format was judged technically
superior, and Sony had assembled an impressive
coalition of CE companies and studios to support Blu-ray,
capped by the PlayStation 3 gaming system. In
contrast, Toshiba appeared to have little going for
its simpler HD DVD format, except for an earlier
launch date and support from Microsoft.

However, Toshiba lowered the price of its
entry-level player to $499, and the launch titles
from Warner Bros.  and Universal were stunning.
In contrast, the only Blu-ray player to launch was
the Samsung, overpriced at $999; more importantly,
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment launched with
rather poor looking Blu-ray titles. So, by last
summer, the rap on Blu-ray was that it was twice as
expensive but not as good as HD DVD.