Sharp SD-SP10 HTIB

There is a lot of strong opinions about HTIB. Most people around these parts would highly recommend against them. As with everything in life, I find most things have a purpose. I would envision an attractively priced system such as the SD-SP10 as a bedroom setup. It would take up a bit less room, and you might not be so concerned about the sound quality.

This particular model from Sharp is the first receiver to employ Audistry. Read on the review to find out more details but is another sound scheme that aims to enhance your music listening experience.

From the article:

Directional 5.1 effects such as those featured in The Patriot were not truly discrete. But this new rendition created its own credible phasing of the whizzing gunshots, and nuances such as tweeting birds in the distance were practically there on the sofa beside me. My only real criticism of the system's performance is minor. When you crank up the sub and speakers during big, complex action scenes on killer discs like Master and Commander, there is a faint hollowness, particularly in the sub. In fact, I wouldn't ask the supplied subwoofer to do too much heavy lifting. Fortunately, though, Sharp supplies a sub pre-out jack, should you wish to upgrade your low-end performance. Still, in more common use—at 80-percent volume or less—and with so many ways to fine-tune the sound, the Audistry-enabled Sharp SD-SP10 is a very capable, extremely versatile audio option.