Pioneer BDC-202 Blu-Ray Combo Drive for PCs

A significant battle in the format wars will be who wins the PC front. Microsoft got an early start buy releasing the Xbox360 add-on which alot of people are buying for thier PC's. Pioneer aims to even things out by releasing a notebook capable Blu-ray drive in Q2 of 2007. Yeesh, I hope this whole war becomes a fizzle by then.

From the article:

Pioneer's BDC-202 will read BD-ROM and BD-R/-RE media at 5×, while handling dual-layer BD media at 2× speeds. Forget about writing to Blu-ray media: the BDC-202 aims to make Blu-ray affordable by omitting Blu-ray burning capability. The unit will read DVD-ROM and DVD±R as 12× (also writing to the latter at 12×), while reading DVD-±RW at 8× (writing at 6 ×), and reading and writing DVD-RAM at 5×; dual-layer DVDs get read at 8× and written at 4×. Still have standard CDs? You can read them at 32×, and write CD-R and CD-RW at 24×.