Microsoft IPTV Deployments: The Complete List

Pretty cool article if you're curious just what's out there as far as the available Microsoft IPTV areas/companies, and it shows the unique features each one has. Personally I think one of the goals of IPTV should be a standard set of awesome features, that way people understand it & can adopt it easier.


  • "Controlled
    market entry" in San Antonio (December 05); Expanded
    launch in San Antonio (June

U-Verse TV

  • Expanded
    availability in San Antonio
    and High Definition (HD) programming and other advanced features
    (November 06)
  • U-verse TV also available in the following markets
    (December 06):
  • California: Bay Area, San Jose
  • Connecticut: Hartford, New
    Haven, Stamford
  • Indiana: Anderson, Bloomington, Indianapolis, Muncie
  • Texas: Houston

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