Lord of the Rings HD DVD/Blu-ray details trickling out

During their TotalHD press conference at CES, Warner announced that New Line was working on the Lord of the Rings trilogy for both HD DVD and Blu-ray. While they did confirm that the titles were in the works, no details were given.

A source close to the matter gave us a few details of the upcoming release, these include:


  • Main feature will be a single DL disc on both HD DVD and Blu-ray.   (no word if it will be a TotalHD disc)
  • The movies will be the Theatrical Versions of each film. Yes you heard it right.
  • Both discs will be encoded using VC1
  • These will be the first titles to use Dolby TrueHD 7.1 Audio  *crosses fingers for 24bit*
  • Due to bandwidth constraints, as of now there will be no IME like features

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