CNET – PVR product videos from the Consumer Electronics Show

PVR Wire has a nice quick summary of some cool C|Net product videos from CES. My favorite is the Interlink Sideshow Vista Remote, which actually shows the guide on the little thing. The more I see it, the more I like them.

  • Motorola Follow Me TV (video):
    The product for use with Motorola PVRs that lets you transfer recorded
    video around your house, onto your cell phone and control your PVR
    remotely using your cell phone.
  • SlingCatcher (video) – The SlingCatcher
    is a media extender that allows you to watch video from your PC and the
    internet on your TV set, much like the Apple iTV. I've said before that the Slingbox will likely merge with media extender functionality and this is the first stage.
  • SideLink Remote (video)
    – A Bluetooth MCE remote that includes 2.5-inch, 320×240 color QVGA
    display and a full selection of buttons for controlling and watching
    your media.
  • Hava Gold HD (video)
    – This will compete directly with the Slingbox HD and allow you to
    transfer video to any internet connected PC and using an Ethernet
    connection and also features some PVR functionality.
  • TiVo and Comcast (video) – A look at the TiVo interface for Comcast PVRs in action.
  • Digeo Moxi (video) – The new standalone HD PVRs from Digeo which will compete with the TiVo Series 3 PVR.

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