The Media Center Show #90 CES Part 1

Ian's an absolute machine. Guy flies to Vegas for CES, stays a few days, shoots right back to England, and puts out a Media Center Show, right on schedule, without any delay. Bravo! This time up is some CES news, so check it out!

 Show Times:
00:40 Coming up this week
01:36 Pictures from CES
02:00 What I saw and did at CES (see the updates on my blog)
03:00 Cablecard
04:00 Sideshow
05:00 Phototouch
06:43 Windows Home Server
07:48 Lots of video content, so Media Center Extra Shows cominng out soon
09:00 I met Bill Gates
11:10 Bill Gates CES keynote
12:45 Interview – Sports Lounge
15:10 Interview – Fox Sport Portal
21:28 Interview – Vongo
23:05 A Message from Onevoice
24:13 Interview – Tim Cutting from Niveus on Cablecard
29:53 Pro Exenters
32:47 Next week more interviews including Windows Home Server
33:28 Checkout the new RSS feed for the Media Center Show Extra
34:02 Mike’s Digital Home Blog
34:36 Update on the Media Center Show Awards
35:03 Music by Ian Dixon

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