Vizio VBR100 Blu-ray Player Unboxing Video

You probably already knew that Wal-Mart has started selling a sub-$100 blu-ray player, but to hopefully satisfy those people unable to find that one Wal-Mart (exclusively) is offering a sub-$200 blu-ray player from Vizio. FormatWarCentral got their hands on one and have prepared a little video unboxing of the unit for your pleasure. I agree with the reviewer, it’s pretty insulting that the unit does not include an HDMI or Component cables, but Composite cables (red/white/yellow–not high definition)! I’m sure this is done so Wal-mart can upsell cables so just be prepared and shop at monoprice before you go out and get this $178 bad boy. Slight warning on the video below, the volume is pretty low on this so might want some headphones or speakers.