Comcast rolls out iPhone app for phone and e-mail features, TV listings, and movie trailers


You have to think Comcast appears to really be pressing the gas pedal on online features, what with the availability of HBO/Showtime programs online and now this…time’s are interesting right now. It’s good to see them finally not just sitting down, but I wonder if eventually they will try charging even more for some of this.


As for TV features, there’s a built-in TV guide feature that allows you to favorite certain shows and e-mail them to friends. It works well but the lack of a remote DVR feature a la TiVo is a painful omission — both for Comcast in general and for this app. It’d be great to cruise the TV guide and just click a “record this show” button to have it waiting for you when you get home. I suppose you can’t quite fault the app for not having that feature since Comcast doesn’t offer it in any form to begin with.