The Media Center Show #215 – Zune HD

Another week, another reliable Media Center show podcast from Ian! This week up he has Jason Dunn up to discuss all things Zune and a potential future marriage with Xbox. It can only be so long before these things play apart, right? No mention of Media Center integration with it though, *sigh*

Show Times:

00:23 Coming up this week
01:15 Email: 20 SATA drives?
02:43 Email: Default sound output
04:00 Where to next for Windows Media Center?
04:50 10 quick hacks to extend Windows Media Center
05:24 How to exclude TV Movies from Win7s Movie Library
05:55 Achieving HDMI audio output with ATI hardware on Windows 7 (and Vista)
06:35 Don’t forget Windows 7 is on pre-sale in the UK tonight at midnight
07:30 Zune HD gets loads of Press
08:33 Zune HD hardware
14:41 Touch Screen
18:00 Storage
23:01 Zune OS
26:34 Zune Web Browser
32:47 Zune Phone?
33:27 Zune on the Xbox 360
39:10 Worldwide roll out
49:50 Will the old model stick around?
53:38 When is the Zune HD being launched?


Listen to the show here .