Macrovision re-invents itself as Rovi, kicks off with new guide “Liquid”


Guess there must be some value in all these features getting deals with television manufacturers. I must admit I was pretty surprised as well to see this was coming from the folks at Macrovision who have…well…a history, let’s leave it at that. But looks pretty slick so far, so I’ll reserve judgement until I see for myself.


Rovi’s first consumer product should be available in various HDTVs next year, and among the new jazzed up looking guide you can expect a full DLNA client that is designed to be a single access point for all of your content. This includes internet sourced content like Slacker radio, YouTube XL, BLOCKBUSTER OnDemand, and CinemaNow; as well as anything you might have on your PC like pictures, music and even videos. Add in a little social networking from sites such as Flixster and we might have ourselves a new way to watch TV.