Onkyo TX-SR804 A/V Receiver

The TX-SR804 failed to generate any interest whatsoever after reading this review. For around 700 dollars it has a few nice features such as XM integration and HDMI switching but everything else just seems stale to me. Perhaps a receiver expert can fill me in why you would purchase this receiver over some of the other ones in the price range.

From the article:

On the soundtrack side, the amplifiers pumped out plenty of movie clamor. On Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, they neatly accommodated the rich effects and punchy score. The movie has a great surround mix, but for a real crowd-pleasing experience, the THX Select2 Cinema mode created an even bigger ambient sound field that really showed off the seven satellites. When I left the house the next morning, my neighbor gave me The Look — a sure sign that my robust playback session the night before was sufficiently loud. So, the Onkyo gets a thumbs-up for sound.