Going from XP Media Center to Windows Vista Ultimate Edition

Ever since Vista was RTM'd, many people have battled with the debate of risking their perfectly tweaked/configured XP MCE2005 system in order to upgrade to the new Vista. Is it worth it?  Ian really liked Vista after he went to CES, so he took the plunge & blogged about it. Are you going to be upgrading?

I decided
to do a clean install of Vista as my XP build had filled up with the
usual rubbish that gets installed over time. The installation went very
smoothly, I have installed Vista lots of times now and I am impresses
by how little interaction is needed. I downloaded the Nova drivers for
Vista from Hauppage's FTP site, unfortunately the drivers are part of a
full install CD that you have to download, why do they do this? Just
give me the drivers!

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