Everything You Wanted to Know About Vista’s SideShow


Everything you needed to know might be a somewhat ambitous title. Not to take anything away from blogs as I am an avid reader, but sometimes blog posts tend to fall short in information. Even I am guilty of it from time to time. Just in case you have been living under a rock for the past few months, SideShow eneabled devices will allow you to pull information from Vista enabled computers whether they be on or off.

I think most of us are looking forward to SideShow enabled remotes.

From the article:

Or you could use a Sideshow-enabled laptop like Asus' W5Fe. Sure, you may think that color external display will zap away your battery life, but in reality it'll actually do the opposite cause rather than have to boot up your entire system to grab a small bit of info (like an address or phone number), all you need to do is drill through the controls on the external display and find the info you need in seconds rather than minutes.