CES: Janurary 7th

All of our CES coverage will be summarized into one news post each day. Starting with a few stories that are creeping out today.

News.com – Getting Ready For CES 

Cranes, step ladders and boxes will soon be replaced by thousands of people
as workers put on the finishing touches for Sunday's opening of the Consumer
Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


CEPro – LG's Super Multi Blue Player Debuts

Set to launch in the first quarter of the year, the Super Multi Blue Player
will hit retail stores for $1199. The player will output 1080p video over an
HDMI 1.2 connection, but is obviously noteworthy because it is the first product
to playback Blu-ray and HD DVD movies in a single drive.

The speakers at the LG press conference lauded the player as a solution to
consumer confusion over the two competing high-definition DVD formats.


Gizmodo: JVC
HD Everio: Full Consumer HD?

The notable statistic is that the HD Everio records in a full 1920 x 1080i
resolution, earning it the billing as the "World's first full HD consumer
camcorder". Sure, we've all heard of HD camcorders before, even at the
"consumer" level, but most record at a scaling 1,440 x 1,080 resolution. JVC's
new HD Everio equates to a 1:1 pixel ratio to most HD TVs, meaning that even HD
can be sharper than it was previously.


Engadget: Live Coverage of Philip's CES Press Conference

11:09 Talking up innovation and all the awards won by philips.
Stewart Muller, President CE North America on stage. Ambilight is now
the subject at hand. Announcing Philips' one of a kind 2,000 diamond in
celebration of their 1 millionth ambilight TV. So much for sense and
simplicity, eh?11:18 Processing power of the Perfect Pixel HD Engine
being talked up. Forget pixels — they're important — but if you want
amazingly sharp and lifelike colors that "pop." 4-ms response coming in


Engadget: Toshiba CES Press Conference

10:37 (PST) – Touting DynaLight, and now ColorBurst, which will be featured in all 1080p sets for wider color gamut.
only do you want a better picture, but you want it to be easier to
use." Hence CE-Link, which allows for device / TV communication via
HDMI, so that remote operations can be simplified.


Netgear: NETGEAR® Announces ‘Digital Entertainer HD

The Digital Entertainer HD automatically discovers HD movies, TV shows,
music files, and personal photos on a home network, across multiple
PCs, and organizes these into a single media library displayed on a TV
without the need for media server software running on the computer.
Using the included remote, consumers can search their entire media
library by multiple criteria including title, actor, date, genre or
thumbnail images (from photos, album art or DVD covers). A
High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port displays video
resolution up to 1080p on big-screen TVs and optical digital audio
output (TOSLINK) transmits full digital surround sound to the
consumers’ digital audio receiver.

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Pioneer:  New Pioneer A/V Receivers Look to the Skies for Entertainment Excellence: Satellite Connectivity for XM and SIRIUS


Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. takes home entertainment to elevated
heights with three of the industry’s first A/V receivers featuring
SIRIUS® Satellite Radio and XM® Satellite Radio compatibility for
enjoyment of both providers’ unique programming with high quality
surround sound.  At the International Consumer Electronics Show today,
Pioneer announced the new VSX-517, VSX-817, VSX-917V and VSX-1017TXV,
each designed to be the centerpiece of a home theater with robust
digital connectivity.  The VSX-917V and VSX-1017TXV offer HDMI™ video
switching to take consumers well into the future of high definition


Pioneer: Pioneer Leads High Definition Innovation with Industry's Only 1080p/24Hz Home Theater Products for Cinematic Picture Performance


Advanced PureCinema: The HD Solution
Industry-leading technologies and refined engineering have
made Pioneer plasmas the only HDTV able to showcase 1080p 24Hz. 
Specifically, the PRO-FHD1 takes advantage of exclusive Advanced
PureCinema or 3:3 pulldown.  With Advanced PureCinema, each film frame
is shown three times every 24th of a second for an extremely smooth
picture performance that now equals 72 frames per picture.  Unseen by
the human eye, by “flashing” each film frame three times, this process
improves on-screen imagery that now appears more natural and
synchronized with the original film for unmatched picture precision.


Yahoo: Toshiba launches $599 1080p HD DVD Player

At CES, Toshiba is introducing the new HD-A20, which is expected to retail at
$599.99. With the 1080p capabilities of the HD-A20, Toshiba has taken high
definition to the next level at an attractive price point. The HD-A20 joins the
existing Toshiba HD DVD line-up which includes the entry level HD-A2 and the top
of the line model, HD-XA2. This expanded line of products offers enhanced
functionalities of the HD DVD format and is proof of Toshiba's commitment to the
smooth transition to the next stage in high definition entertainment


Engadget: Toshiba updates Regza LCD lineup: 120hz, Deep Color and xvYCC

Toshiba is keeping up in the CES LCD features arms race, announcing
several new
720p and 1080p HDTVs. Toshiba has four new 720p LCDs in 26-,
32-, 37- and 42-inch sizes, all shipping in the March/April timeframe. All
include Toshiba's PixelPure3G 14-bit internal video processing with 16 times the
colors of previous 8-bit systems, enhanced MPEG noise reduction technology and
Dynalight dynamic backlighting that the company claims can create dynamic
contrast of up to five times the panel's standard contrast ratio. Digital
ATSC/QAM tuners, 3 HDMI inputs each and black cabinets complete the line. Two
more LCDVD sets in 26- and 32-inch sizes add an internal DVD 720p upconverting
DVD player.


Gizmodo: Samsung Slimline DLPs 

With one fell swoop Samsung improved on just about everything that we
hated about DLP's with their Slim LED DLPˇ line. First off, is the new
LED backlight. Not only is it a lot brighter then traditional DLP's
lights, but it turns on in less then 10 seconds. And all this is
accomplished while being longer lasting, clocking in at around 20,000
hour lamp life.