Logitech Harmony 890

The Harmony series from Logitech has garnered much praise. As a matter of fact, I think this is one item in your HT setup that you can count on your significant other liking. I don't say things like that lightly. This particular review covers the 890, which has your usual activity based functions plus light and appliances control. From the […]

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Using a Dremel to mod your case

Dremel in the box

For Christmas this year, I received a new power supply for my HTPC. But lo and behold, when I opened up my PC to swap power supplies, it didn’t fit. What was I to do? I could have returned the perfectly good power supply and swapped it for a different model which would fit…or I could go to the hardware […]

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Onkyo TX-SR804 A/V Receiver

The TX-SR804 failed to generate any interest whatsoever after reading this review. For around 700 dollars it has a few nice features such as XM integration and HDMI switching but everything else just seems stale to me. Perhaps a receiver expert can fill me in why you would purchase this receiver over some of the other ones in the price […]

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Change To the Site

Bear with us as we make a few changes to the site. If something is broken, please leave feedback in the forums or just go ahead and email me. The first bit of work I am doing is cleaning up the main menus and creating a portal for Media Center and Home Theater news, reviews and blog entries. Click on […]

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PSB VS300 Loudspeakers

If the CFO approves, my next set of speakers will be a set of floor standing speakers, so I read these reviews with a little more interest. The PSB VS300 loudspeakers are made to be mounted to a wall, which I am sure my wife would appreciate, or with a stand. MSRP for the VS300 is $749 and the matching […]

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Reviewing Home Theater Reviews

This next article is somewhat relevant, only because we are starting to dabble our feet into the home theater review pond. Even though Audioholics presents a holier then though attitude, in the end they do make a few valid points about some of the reviews we see around the net. What did you guys think of our first ht review? […]

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Matrox Announces New Remote Graphics Unit


IMagine having your Media Server anywhere in your house? The Matrox Extio can drive up to four monitors while your computer resides over 820' away. To round out your remote desktop experience, Matrox supplies 6 USB ports, 2 IEEE 1394a ports, and three audio ports. It certainly seems like a dream come true, however pricing and cabling may put this […]

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The Daily Button

Welcome to today's copy of The Daily Button! Many big thanks goes out to LehigBri for the suggestion! I think this deserves a round of applause. Now to try and spice things up a little to make it easier to read, always easier said than done :).   The Daily Button   Deal News: 500GB hard drive for $139.99 at […]

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Microsoft Explains Xbox 360 IPTV In Detail

Some handy videos for those of you that hate to read, basically offering some details about the Xbox360 & the teases we've seen about IPTV within it.  Confused about what this IPTV stuff is supposed to be? Then watch these two videos, from 1up.com. Microsoft execs Chris Satchell and Albert Penello break it down and walk us through the interface. […]

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