PSB VS300 Loudspeakers

If the CFO approves, my next set of speakers will be a set of floor standing speakers, so I read these reviews with a little more interest. The PSB VS300 loudspeakers are made to be mounted to a wall, which I am sure my wife would appreciate, or with a stand. MSRP for the VS300 is $749 and the matching sub in the review is $549.

From the article:

This first listening session went well, as the speakers imaged fine and provided me with a cohesive soundstage. Their dynamics weren't massive, but the speakers were detailed, with the upper midrange/lower treble regions being slightly edgy.

After about 60 hours of use I began to listen to a variety of music, including a Discovery HD broadcast of Anna Netrebko and Gianandrea Noseda with the BBC Philharmonic, an MHD broadcast of Bon Jovi with Sugarland and CDs from Paula Cole and Brian Setzer.