(Video) Apple TV Interface Tour

I'm personally not that excited with Apple TV. It just doesn't bring anything new to the table, which is disappointing since that's usually always what Apple brings. But here I just see this as an overrated extender with a ton of limitations. But judge for yourself. Just a quick refresher, this device is a set-top box that “enables digital content […]

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LG BH100 Reviewed


Congratulations all you worry-warts, LG just released a combo HD & BluRay DVD player! That's the good news. The Bad news….it costs $1200!!! For the price of that combo, you could buy an Xbox360 HD DVD drive AND a Playstation 3 with it's blu-ray player. But who am I to judge.  On the other hand, we couldn't help but feel […]

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Microsoft IPTV Deployments: The Complete List

Pretty cool article if you're curious just what's out there as far as the available Microsoft IPTV areas/companies, and it shows the unique features each one has. Personally I think one of the goals of IPTV should be a standard set of awesome features, that way people understand it & can adopt it easier. AT&T "Controlled market entry" in San […]

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Jaws, Jurrasic Park and ET Coming To HD DVD

Adding a trio of what can be considered, by some, three of the top ten movies in our lifetime is surely a strong a blow in the format wars. As a few of you remember, Spielburg was a hold out when releasing his movies onto standard DVD, Hopefully this won't be a repeat performance. From the article: Though not all of […]

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The Daily Button – Jan. 30, 2006

The Daily Button   Vista News: Gaming Performance test at PC Perspective Vista News: Nvidia Releases Windows Vista GeForce 8800 drivers Vista News: Vista Ultimate review at Elite Bastards Vista News: AMD releases new Windows Vista Catalyst drivers (support for HD DVD and Blu-ray) Vista News: x64 Vista look at SuperSite Vista News: I think you get the idea… Its a slow […]

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Upcoming Contest

Good news everyone! I just confirmed we have lined up a contest for you guys! The contest will be announced on Feb. 1st at 12:01am. Just a little something to give back to the community. I am thinking that each entry will have to be a 1,000 word essay on why you love MissingRemote.com. What do you think? -Al 

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Buying OEM versions of Windows Vista: the facts

Every time there's a product launch, especially for a Windows OS, the question arises about what is OEM and why is it so much less expensive than retail. Well, ARSTechnica has taken some of the guessing (and fun!) out of it & explained a bit in detail what differentiates it.  OEM editions of Windows don't come in pretty boxes, nor […]

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Trinion L7 HTPC touts integrated touchscreen LCD


I like the look of this HTPC much better than the rather modest specs, but hey, that's why you learn how to upgrade, right? The touchpad on the front is cool, but I'm waiting until we really see SideShow potential before dipping that deep into my wallet just for aesthetics.  Features of this sleek looking HTPC include: A silver chassis […]

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