Interview with Jeff Kardatzke CTO and Founder of SageTV

GeekTonic took some time out to talk with Jeff Kardatzke, CTO and Co-Founder of SageTV in a little Q&A. Jeff is a really bright guy, who has been at the helm of basically the evolution of SageTV in present day. It’s a good informational interview and he’s pretty candid with folks.


I’m curious about what Microsoft is doing there. It could be they called it off themselves and are just promoting their Xbox 360 or (this is complete speculation of course) they might have a new version of the Xbox 360 that is slimmed down and has more of an HTPC extender focus…. I’m just guessing there though. It could also be they weren’t selling enough extenders but I don’t know their numbers either. I do know many weren’t really excited about the MediaCenter extenders in comparison with ours (SageTV HD200 and HD100) in terms of performance, User Interface and just doing the device correctly… Anyone who has used the SageTV HD200 extenders will notice that they are nearly as fast as a computer – something that compares well against the 3rd party MediaCenter extenders