Tablet and In-wall Touchscreen Extender Concepts

Chris hit the nail on the head with his latest posts. He has voiced my frustrations very well with his thoughts on in-wall extenders. I was planning a post along these lines because I just can't fit MCE into my connected house plans. No matter how I hard I try, lack of touchscreens and extenders simply are too much of a barrier right now for me to consider it. For a relatively inexpensive price, I can pick up a standard touch screen and use Sage or BTV for a a simple touch screen application. Chris said it right, if MS truly cares about the digital home they will get their act together. 

Sage, with it's first in class distribution architecture, could teach Microsoft a thing or two. However, SageTV, while great with PVR, simply lacks the support of other of major third party developers. What is a guy to do? Kudos to Chris for a great post.

From the blog post:

Or what about an In-wall Touchscreen Extender.  This would be an interesting concept for an
OEM to tackle, because any good way of doing this would involve smashing some
holes in your walls for the install plus running power, Ethernet, and optional
external speakers.  Those are instant
turn-off’s for most OEMs.  However,
pending that a 6” In-wall Touchscreen Extender would bring your home to your
figure-tips much like Exceptional Innovations current XPe Touchscreens do (w/
Life|ware).  This would be a great
addition to multi-zone audio and home automation people.