Logitech diNovo Keyboard


  Logitech diNovo Keyboard For as long as I can remember, Logitech has made their mark on the tech industry by making common computer/entertainment devices into fashion statements. Nobody needs 20" spinners on their SUV, and nobody needs a super thin keyboard…but people still WANT them. The diNovo Edge keyboard is no exception to this. Ever since I first saw […]

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Dish working on HTPC cards

This is GREAT news for all end-users, as competition from the satellite companies is what's really going to convince Cable-Labs to be more reasonable with their OCUR. No time-frame yet, but at least it's good to hear they're still working on it. Well, apparently, Microsoft is working with both DirecTV and Dish Network on cards that would allow home theater […]

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Super Bowl Day


On this, the holiest of HD holidays, I think I will be taking most of this day off and relaxing with family and friends. However, I will be on later tonight to ensure tomorrow's review is up and of course get started on tomorrow's news. Don't worry, we will still have an edition of The Daily Button.    

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The Daily Button: Feb. 3rd, 2007

The Daily Button   Cooler News: Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro review at GideonTech Video Card News: Sapphire X1950Pro review at Hardware Zone Video Card News: EVGA GF 8800GTS SLI review at NV News Case News: nMedia 200BA review at Virtual-Hideout Case News: Antec P180b review at Burnout PC   <Insert Name Here>   As it turns out, we need […]

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AMD 690 series chipsets to launch in February


I had originally planned to put this review in the next edition of the Daily Button, but I stumbled across something that a few of the DIYers out there might be interested in. AMD's next mobo chipset, the 690 series will include IGP based on ATI's tech. More importantly, there will be HDCP HDMI connections available. From the article: This […]

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