Google Playing Hard Drive Mythbusters

Looks like Google did their own version of Mythbusters, this time claiming that the myth behind high temperatures causing hard drive failures is just that, a myth. I wouldn't just turn off all my fans by my hard drive, but it's good to know since HTPC's are notorious for having less than stellar cooling for some components, HD's included. Moreover, […]

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Watching TiVo in any room the easy(ish) way

Reading a post like this really makes you appreciate the capabilities of Extenders for HTPCs, such as the Xbox360 or the Hauppauge MVP, depending on your software. So he plugged a coaxial cable into the video output jack on his TiVo and ran it to the cable junction box. Now you can plug any TV into any cable jack in […]

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Pioneer Elite BDP-HD1 Blu-ray Disc Player


Continuing our morning of A/V reviews, we have Sound And VIsion's review of Pioneer's Elite Blu-ray player. Pioneer's $1500 entry into the Blu-ray market has a lot going for it including 1080p/24f output, a wide array of media csupport, and network PC connectivity support. However, for this much coinage it is missing a few critical features. The most obvious one […]

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For the last couple weeks, I've been hearing about "the stations between the stations" and "hidden stations on the radio dial".  In fact, the radio commercials are talking about HDRadio.  This got me curious.  What is HDRadio?  How is it different from what I've already got?   So I did a little digging this afternoon.  As it turns out, HDRadio […]

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Pioneer Elite PRO-940HD Plasma Display

I must admit, Pioneer must think very highly of their latest Elite plasma that Ultimate AV is reviewing today. Priced at $3300, it sports a meager 1024X768 resolution. However, the Ultimate AV review does give it good results in the end. And I can see his point of not really needing 1080p from a comfortable viewing distance. Your likely not […]

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M60v2 VaSSallo Finished Speakers


Once upon a time this naive news poster considered a 1000 dollar set of speaker higher end. Now that I have been posting news/researching potential speakers my perception of that has greatly changed. Not only because of the reviews I have posted here but because of some of the speakers I have listened to while researching on my own time. […]

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The Daily Button – Feb. 19th, 2007

The Daily Button   Motherboard News: AMD release copy of DTX spec at The Techreport  Motherboard News: Abit release Xpress 1250 based mobo at The TechReport  Motherboard News: DFI LANParty NF590 review at Madshrimps  CPU News: E6300 Core 2 review at Hardware Logic CPU News: Core 2 Quad Q6600 review at Techgage  Cooler News: Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 review at […]

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Velodyne Unveils Extended Product Warranty

Morgan Hill, CA (February 12, 2007) — Velodyne Acoustics, Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of powered subwoofers for home-theater and consumer audio, recently extended its warranty for drivers, amplifiers and related electronics. The warranty on drivers was extended from two years to five, the warranty on all amplifiers and electronics has been extended from two years to three years, and […]

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