BTC 9019URF wireless keyboard review

If you can get over the surprise of seeing a hardware review on a software company's blog. Ok, so it's not actually by a Snapstream employee (Terminal is a community member), so it's ok. But it's a keyboard!! We all know how excited people get for those.  Well right off the bat I was a little disappointed because the BTC […]

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X-Gene Mini HTPC Enclosure Review


Looking for a mini-case to house your next HTPC project? Virtual Hideout has a SFF case that will house a matx mobo. It actually has a nice clean look to it, although there are a few other cases I would consider before purchasing this one. I prefer the horizontal cases rather then cube style cases. From the review: The X-Gene […]

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LFM-1 Plus Subwoofer Review

Not for you 1-bedroom apartment renters, this is a massive sub, and weighs in at around 70lbs, but at $680 it sure can deliver (shhh, it better!). So if you're interested in upsetting your neighbors, it seems like this can do the job. The LFM-1 Plus is a wonderfully musical sub with enough impact and slam to satisfy even the […]

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Toshiba HD-XA2 HD DVD Player


Not a terrible revision from Toshiba, if you're in the market for a $1k HD DVD Player. The one thing they really make clear is just how great the image quality is, so if that's your thing & you have the money, you could do much worse. In addition to being built on an IC platform that's much faster than […]

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HD DVD and Blu-ray Releases


If I was lucky enough to have a next gen DVD player, I would likely pick up The Departed and thats about it from this latest bunch of releases. Sure the HD goodness is nice, but it isn't quite enough to make me pick up a movie. If I want pointless HD fun I will go watch HD New or […]

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