X-Gene Mini HTPC Enclosure Review


Looking for a mini-case to house your next HTPC project? Virtual Hideout has a SFF case that will house a matx mobo. It actually has a nice clean look to it, although there are a few other cases I would consider before purchasing this one. I prefer the horizontal cases rather then cube style cases.

From the review:

The X-Gene Mini HTPC cube-like design is a feature that will appeal to some users who may not have the space width-wise to use a standard size HTPC enclosure. The front panel Audio and USB connections keep you from having to reach around the back of the enclosure. while the empty 3.5" leaves you the option of adding a multi-card reader in the future. The two-level design leads to a roomier lower level, making installation of a motherboard a breeze, while the fold over top gives you something to talk about with your friends. However, this two-level design also has it limits, especially regarding the upper level. Longer style power supplies will not work in this enclosure whatsoever. Even the average size PSU will leave you blocking one of the two optical spaces. Adding documentation regarding this issue on both the website and the packaging could avoid a possible mistake with future buyers.