New Navigation!

As you can tell, we have a new navigation system in place of the two popular and recent forum post sections that were there before. So? What do you think? :). We are inching ever closer to MissingRemote Version 2.0. We aren't ones to do a bunch of fixes and release them all at one point. As we come up […]

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AnyDVD HD beta


Those of you who have used MyMovies I'm sure have used AnyDVD, and will happy to know they've got a new beta version out. It's a great program that allows you to rip & store your OWNED 😉 DVDs to your Hard Drive. I heard if you put in a Netflix DVD it makes your computer explode. Here are some […]

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Yamaha Single Speaker 5.1


Pardon the brash google-translation, but the jist is this is another 5.1 speaker in a single speaker. I've never heard one personally, but always was skeptical of these. Anyone have experience? Sound faces to the remote control operator, “the my beam (MyBeam)” adjusting to function and the room, being automatic, it does, sound field adjustment it is the new product […]

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CyberLink Releases Native 64-bit Software Encoder for Windows Vista Media Center

Taipei, Taiwan—-February 15, 2007—-CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW), a world leader in digital home solutions, today released CyberLink Software Encoder 1.1, for enabling real-time MPEG-2 TV recording via Windows Vista Media Center. CyberLink Software Encoder 1.1 offers native 64-bit support for PCs using the Windows Vista operating system. Benefits include:   – Better multi-tasking with less loading on system resources  – Access to more memory […]

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TiVo Series 3 Update

Being the die hard HTPC fan I am, I don't have a TiVo in my house for a couple of reasons. My wife will like it better then the HTPC I will find out I like it better then the HTPC.. scary.. The goal of this release is to bring S3 up to the same feature set the S2 has.  […]

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Concurrent sessions & those who love them


I was asked recently by some friends, "Why is concurrent sessions so important that you cry about it every time we talk about Vista?" (you can imagine, the friends I speak of are MVPs or MVP-related. For those unaware of the issue I'm referring to, there was a hack for Windows XP that allowed you to have a feature that […]

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Paradigm Atom Monitor v.5 Loudspeakers

The Atom C.5 loudpseaker is the lowest priced member of the Paradign monitor series. Not to say they are cheap, it will still cost over $800 to outfit a complete home theater. The monitor series is known for their high efficiency which suggest they should play louder with less power. I was pretty surprised to see the reviewer rave about […]

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Onkyo TX-SR674 7.1 A/V Receiver


It's not fair, the author of the Onkyo review used my trickle down tech intro. Ok, it's not mine, however, it is true that budget receivers have many features that only a year or two ago would have cost you a great deal more. Feature wise, at least in my opinion, the Onkyo gets it right. They include an automated […]

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