Paradigm Atom Monitor v.5 Loudspeakers

The Atom C.5 loudpseaker is the lowest priced member of the Paradign monitor series. Not to say they are cheap, it will still cost over $800 to outfit a complete home theater. The monitor series is known for their high efficiency which suggest they should play louder with less power. I was pretty surprised to see the reviewer rave about the bass output from the speaker's 5.5" woofer, I guess, like anything, speakers really need to be auditioned.

From the article:

Furthermore, even with the piddly CA-S3 in charge, I could
crank up the Atom Monitors to pretty-loud levels, and neither the amp nor the speakers
gave out. Sure, I could have pushed them until one or the other broke, but I was
pleasantly surprised to hear the Atom Monitors play so loudly with such a small amp. This
sort of performance could help make these speakers a bargain-hunting audiophile’s
dream. They delivered absolutely superb sound with very little power; as a result,
prospective buyers can pay far more attention to the sound quality of the partnering amp
than to how much power it delivers. Heck, I suspect you could drive this little speaker
with tubes.