New Player in Blu-Ray Disc Market

Well if the idea of play BR titles on a relatively cheap PS3 doesn't get your fancy, perhaps a cheap stand alone player will. Funai Electric, an OEM manufacturer, intends to release Blu-ray players to the market for about $500 a pop later this year. Good news for consumers who are not early adopters and would have paid twice that […]

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Understanding Home Automation

modern home theater has a great article up describing what goes into a home automation system. Part one of this two part series gives a great overview of what you can expect before you delve into a home automation build. I am looking forward to part two where they will describe more of the DIY entry-level options available. With a […]

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CableCard Retailer


I wasn't aware of Velocity Micro being an approved CableCard vendor for Media Center PC's but it looks like they are.       Configuring an HTPC with a single digital cable tuner, Blu-ray, and X2-4200+ will run you $3,000. The Blu-ray burner is responsible for 800 of that total. Is HTPC nirvana near? Its close but the shackles of […]

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