Microsoft Introduces New DRM

For every step forward, there is two steps backward. There has been a lot of discussion on both sides of the fence lately, but that hasn't stood in Microsoft's way of introducing PlayReady. This particular flavour is aimed at the mobile market, but I think it is relavant as mobile phones are now playing a much larger role in the digital […]

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WHS Beta 2 is out

Beta 2 is out, and rather quickly I might add for Windows Home Server. If you're one of the chosen beta testers, check out your downloads. And if you're interested in testing it, you can register & hope to get chosen.  People that are interested in participating in Beta 2 can register here so we have their names as we […]

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BFGTech GeForce 8800 GTS OC 320MB

The 500 to 600 hundred dollar video cards on the market are typically more for bragging rights then they are mass consumption. Once they get down to the $300 range, you see a lot more adoption from both the PC gaming and HTPC enthusiast crowd. If widescreen gaming is part of your HTPC duty, you will want something along this […]

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Carada Precision Series Projection Screen


We've got plenty of do-it-yourself-ers here, so you'll be happy to see this article from the Home Theater Blog about installing your own projection screen. I can't wait to have a place where I *could* do something like this…nothing like watching the Lakers on HD on a huge screen. I firmly believe that the average do-it yourselfer/home theater enthusiast with […]

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Whirpool introduces the home entertainment fridge

I was actually just thinking of the MCE-enabled washer/dryer recently, so it's fun to see this news coming out about refridgerators. No doubt eventually our whole house will be tied together & then can hold us hostage. Whirlpool’s research shows that countertops are cluttered with electronic devices such as digital picture frames, DVD systems, radios, phones, MP3 players; the dock […]

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Canada Wants you to Pay More for your MP3

Ahhh….wonderful. I can't understand why piracy remains so prevalent. :-/ The effort on the part of the CPCC comes just over two years after the Federal Court of Appeal struck down a similar levy attached to the price of the hard drives of MP3 players. At the time, these didn't fall into the category of "audio recording media" because, unlike […]

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Network-Attached Storage With FreeNAS

If you've got an old system with a lot of hard drives laying around, Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a great way to make an obsolete system useful. I played around with FreeNAS once & was very pleased at how simple it was to setup. Here's a quick guide for getting it up & running. This tutorial shows how you […]

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Yougle 2.0 Getting Vista Update


Hrm, Mike let Chris beat him again to the plugin announcement post. I guess I am not paying Mike enough. Look for the next round of MVP vs MVP steel cage match, battle to the first post about the next plugin announcement. Rumour has it that the next winner is going to post on the other's website. I don't know […]

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Okoro Media Systems OMS-SX100 Digital Entertainment System

We spend more then a little time bantering about what makes the ideal Media Center PC. Everyone has a different opinions on the subject, however, there are a few core building blocks for every HTPC.  Silent and cool Quality Build (good wiring, noise dampening) Software, Software, Software Usability (IR sensor, readable LCD etc) You won't get much of that information […]

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