8 Innovative Touchscreen Designs


Making the step from an HTPC to whole house distribution can be a somewhat daunting task. Especially with Media Center's anemic client/server architecture. However, with sites like CEPro you should be able to figure out a nice solution. Today, CEPro has a nice article on unqieu touchscreens and the applications they are used for. From the article: Rich MCE Integration […]

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2 new ‘Bordeaux’ Samsung TVs


If nothing else, I would buy this TV just because of the name :). Good thing for us the specs are rather nice on these two new TVs from Samsung. Sporting a 10,000:1 contrast ration and a few HDMI ports is nothing to sneeze at. Don't get your hopes up, the lovely ladies on each side do not come standard […]

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Is Meedio Dead?


It was a great disappointment to many HTPC builders when Yahoo bought the intellectual property from Meedio. However, by not actually buying the program and not shutting down the forums, a glimmer of hope was left for the Meedio crowd. Meedio clicked along on cruise control but with no active support and people starting to look else where for a Media […]

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Ellen Gray | Confessions of a technoholic

Since I started packing a month ago for my eventual move, I have had to live without many of luxuries my HTPC afforded me. No more DVR, no more ROM game loving on my big screen, no more weather, and of course I really don't get to use Vista's Fox Sports plugin to its full potential. After reading this article, […]

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Wal-Mart Launches Movie Download Store

Wal-Mart, the worls largest retaile isn't content to let a source of revenue pass it buy. It has laucnhed a video download store that comes stocled with 3000 films and TV episodes. DVDs range in price from $12.88 to $19.88 and TV epsidoes for $1.96. The movie downloads are compatible with WIndows and WIndows portable devices, however, they will not […]

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Video Resolution – An Overview


About.com departs from their usual short posts and gives a nice 4 page over view on display resolution. Topics covered in the article include major broadcast standards, progressive versus interlaced, digital TV standards and even 60fps versus 24fps. They could have fleshed out the 24 to 60fps conversion a bit more and talked about other details a bit more, but […]

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The Daily Button – Feb. 5th, 2006

The Daily Button   Motherboard News: Asus M2NPV-Vm review at Motherboards.org Motherboard News: Abit AW9D-Max review at PC Perspective Video Card News: XFX GF 8800 GTC review at Hexus Video Card News: Gainward GF 8800 GTX review at XSReviews DRM News: Music companies set to give up DRM at the Inquirer Console News: [H] reviews the Wii Cooler News: Scythe […]

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