Definitive Technology ProCinema 1000 Speaker System and Pioneer Elite VSX-84TXSi A/V Receiver


Home Theater Magazine takes more of a whole system approach when reviewing speakers and receivers.  I think its a good approach to  so you know what you can expect when buying a system for your HT. Over all, the speakers and subs seems to perform very well when attached to the Pioneer receiver.

From the article:

Pricewise, these Definitive Technology ProCinema speakers and this
Pioneer Elite A/V receiver are a perfect match. Even visual cues unite
them, with the receiver's shiny-black metal faceplate echoing the
satellite enclosures' black-gloss curve. In other ways, they may seem
like an odd couple (or septet, rather). Wouldn't that big receiver be
too much for those little speakers? No, say the specs. With the
satellites rated to handle as much as 200 watts per channel, the
receiver's hefty rated 140 watts are well within the acceptable range,
although the speakers' 90-decibel sensitivity suggests that they'll
play fairly loudly, even with a lower-powered amp. Therefore, it is
legal to marry these speakers to this receiver, at least in
Massachusetts, Canada, Spain, and the Netherlands.