8 Innovative Touchscreen Designs


Making the step from an HTPC to whole house distribution can be a somewhat daunting task. Especially with Media Center's anemic client/server architecture. However, with sites like CEPro you should be able to figure out a nice solution. Today, CEPro has a nice article on unqieu touchscreens and the applications they are used for.

From the article:

Rich MCE Integration

A client wanted Media Center Edition (MCE) PCs, a high-end touchscreen-oriented control system, and rich integration between the two. The problem is, "Most Media Centers offer one-way RS-232, IR emulation, or a very limited set of two-way commands," says Evan Marty, senior programmer for Paragon Technology Group, Aspen, Colo.

Consequently, he says, there is no simple way to let a Crestron panel do much with media residing on an MCE. Worse, it's nearly impossible to create macros that span the two systems, for example, a WAKEUP mode that brings up the lights from the Crestron system and plays a specific song from Dad's MCE-based playlist.